Surf the Soundwaves with DJ Online Tom

Hey, I'm Tom 👋 and over the past four years, I've developed a way of live-mixing videos straight from the internet. Described by punters as indescribable, I've put together a little highlights video and attached it below so you can get a feel for what I'm doing, but I'll try to explain anyway:

My 'Online Tom' project is half DJ, half interactive performance art — it's all live in the browser, and I'm projecting my screen so the audience can follow along with what I'm doing!

It's like watching your friend click through YouTube videos, but as they switch tabs, the audio blends smoothly, turning it into a danceable experience. It's a real-time tapestry of sound and visuals, a live DJ set fused with a wide range of visuals from the internet through the browser.

I mix tracks but also get creative in involving the audience; so while they groove to the music, we can play a game of Wordle, join me on the projector via Zoom call, or leave the stage and have a Beyblade battle. Working with my partner Milla, the crowd is always involved.

I also mix in nostalgic videos from your childhood, iconic TV ads. It's the internet like you've never experienced — where digital content meets the dance floor. As I mentioned earlier, words don't do it justice, so have a watch:

Hope you enjoyed it. You can view the few of my sets on my Vimeo. And if you have any suggestions for videos or things to include in my sets, please use the form below.

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