Online Tom

DJ Online Tom brings a unique new technique to DJing. Using his tools (keyboard and mouse), he mashes up youtube videos of your favourite dance hits with nostalgic references to growing up in the 90s in Australia. You'll be dancing, laughing and most likely crying. All without a chance of losing your place in the music. This is sure to be a unique experience not to be missed.

DJs from across the globe have shared their opinions:

“Amazing mix Tom. I don't like the beat to some of the songs you've used (I prefer the original!) but other than that it's an awesome party. I wish you were there. Keep it up!” -- Mark De Angelis

“Good mix Tom! But you missed one song… :) Have a good weekend, hope the weather doesn't suck!” -- S.A.

“Fantastic! :) Keep up the good work! I loved it!” -- S.B.

"Is this guy a joke?! He just plays around on youtube and wants us to watch and maybe even dance? Fucking hell. Ridiculous." -- Felipe 44

"Oh that mix actually worked. Oh why is he playing Shrek? Oh I didn't expect a Shrek and Daft Punk mix to work." -- Men in Black actor Shane Wibbles

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